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Peanuts are enjoyed by most people. I tend to add them to most dishes I prepare. Peanut Brittle or Chikki is a sweet treat that I always e...

Peanut Chikki/ Brittle For A Treat

Peanuts are enjoyed by most people. I tend to add them to most dishes I prepare. Peanut Brittle or Chikki is a sweet treat that I always enjoyed. At school they sold them in individual pieces wrapped in wax paper. Another one of my nostalgic treats that had a distinct taste and smell to it. Usually the peanuts are added as a whole in the preparation of most chikki's but the one sold at school had very tiny pieces and they were tasty. The golden color of the chikki was just the perfect treat to bite into and enjoy. I still look for these in Indian stores here, but hardly find any. So I decided to create my own version of the chikki and send it as my second entry to Paajaka's Chikki and Laddu event.

Heavy bottom pan
Tray Flat bottom vessel


Ingredients:Roasted Peanuts- 1 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Oil- 2 tsp
Cardamon - 2 pods


1. Heat the sugar in a heavy bottom pan and allow it to melt to form a golden color.

2. Blend the peanuts so that they get broken down into tiny pieces but not into a powder.

3. Remove the sugar from flame and mix in the peanuts and cardamon powder.

4. Pour this mix into a oiled tray and spread it out fast.

5. Take a flat bottom bowl apply some oil in its flat base and try to even out the chikki mix into 1/4Th inch thickness.

6. Using a knife cut them into squares or rectangles and allow it to cool and help yourself to a chikki.


  1. Wonderful. Reminds me of St.Joseph School cafeteria in Coimbatore, India. It looks so professionally done.

    Keep up the good work...

  2. chikki looks so delicious. It's my fav. too.

  3. Great chikkis. Reminds me of my college store where we get these type of chikkis. Else I am used to the whole peanut version. Love these.

  4. It is so good. Gave a piece to my mother in law and she certified it as "very good "which is not easy .

  5. Oh great Chikkis. Yes reminds me of St. Joseph's cafeteria too. The taste was awesome.

  6. Hello
    your picture looks good
    but it came out horrible for me.
    I was not able to replicate the recipe
    something is wrong in the instructions i believe
    i just wasted sugar and peanuts
    i bet something is wrong in the way you have given here
    pls dont put recipes if you are not sure if people can not replicate the same ..you can add some warnings indeed
    so i will not waste time on this recipes

  7. Hi Anonymous,thank you for your feed back. I am sorry that the chikki did not turn out well. I have prepared it so many times and it has been perfect every single time.The only problem I see you might have faced is with the sugar melting point. It has to melt and then turn golden brown for you to mix the peanuts.I have had friends prepare the same with other nuts or even puffed rice and it turned out perfect.