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This afternoon I was trying to make Madhuram's Raspberry Mango Smoothie for MBP event hosted by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen . On ...

Experiment With Fruits By A 4 Year Old.

This afternoon I was trying to make Madhuram's Raspberry Mango Smoothie for MBP event hosted by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen. On checking my fridge and fruit basket I found a mango, a packet of frozen strawberries, a box of blueberries and honeydew. Substituting strawberries for raspberries, I went about cutting the mango. That's when my 4 year old daughter entered the kitchen and said she wanted to help me. She was so excited about the whole thing and asked if she can do an experiment. So there I had to modify this into something more. I took a bottle and added mangoes, blueberries, frozen strawberries and honeydew which looked like a rainbow. Some soy milk was also added to the rainbow colored fruits and my entry to JFI: Soy event hosted by Sai of Monsoon Spice.We blended and she observed very carefully to see the change in colors. Though she wanted the smoothie to turn pink she was fascinated to see it turn purple. We decided not to add any sugar as all the fruits used were sweet and the taste was perfect. A very healthy drink indeed to sip over dinner.


Glass Cup
Cutting Board


Fresh Mango - 1 cup
Fresh Blueberries - 1 cup
Frozen Strawberry - 1/2 cup
Fresh Honeydew - 1 cup
Soy Milk/ Rice milk/Regular milk - 1 cup (I used Soy)
Salt - 1 pinch


1. Cut the fruits into cubes and blend them with some soy milk.

2. Red, yellow, blue, green fruits when blended became purple and tasted yummy.


  1. this looks so yum..nice pics too...

  2. Thats really wonderful..I will have to get my daughter try this out sometime!..:)..do tell your lil one that she has done a marvelous job..

  3. Lovely. It is so nice to get the kids involved, isn't it?

  4. grreat experiment with colours....liked ur shake

  5. it is fun to have ur kid help in the kitchen right? I enjoy these times the most :)

  6. Its fun cooking with one's kids. Nothing quite like it.
    Thank you for participating in MBP. Sorry it took me a while to get here.:)

  7. I love that picture!! And what a fantastic smoothie... I really need to get up on them!! They are looking far too tempting!!