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Talk to any one from Tamil Nadu, India and they would know about Kamarkat. You would see their eyes light up and a smile cross their face...

Kamarkat, A Childhood Delight

Talk to any one from Tamil Nadu, India and they would know about Kamarkat. You would see their eyes light up and a smile cross their face. Yeah, it would have been the most desired treat in their childhood whether they lived in the city or in a village. As they say simple things make everyone happy, kamarkat has the power to make most kids happy. It is dark brown hard ball with coconut mixed in it. Though hard to bite into it had an everlasting effect as they dissolved slowly in the mouth. It was the cheapest treat and heavily stocked in stores near schools and sometimes in the school canteens. Kamarkat was one of my favorite treats at school. For all those who enjoyed kamarkat and who still do I post this recipe for you.

 Reported : The Hindu- A not a so sweet ending  on Dec 10th 2012.


Candy thermometer
Heavy bottom pan
Measuring cups and spoons.


Coconut - 1 cup ( freshly grated)
Sugar - 1 cup
Elachi - 2 pod
Oil - 1 tsp


1. Heat the sugar in the pan. Allow it melt and change into dark golden color (260 degrees F).

2. Add the coconut and cook it until it comes together.

3. Remove from flame and spoon the mix on to a tray coated with some oil. Shape them into balls.

4. When it drys up pop one into your mouth and experience true delight.


  1. wow! The pictures turned out really well. If they are as good as they look, I will be eating them all the time.

  2. I want to pop one into my mouth to experience the true delight.

  3. Kamarkat, indeed a childhood delight. Many a times, I have bought this on the way back from school. I suppose they make this jaggery. Anyways, yours looks very tempting though.

  4. Thank you guys. Jayasree, I know that its is the general belief that it is made out of jaggery. Even Malika Badhrinath has one recipe and the only one I could find on the internet. But really, I think it is made with sugar because, it tasted like a kamarkat.

  5. Wonderful. Brings back memories indeed. Used to eat a lot in school

  6. "kamarkat has the power to make most kids happy" - Hi there! truly said.thanks for posting this recipe.. I had almost given up hope of ever finding this great recipe let alone eating this candy! i dont think they r available Anywhere in Chennai now and none seemed to know what it was...all i had was wonderful memories of this abs gr8 candy sent to me by my grandparents as i grew up in the middle east..and it was truly a happy treat for me...its nice to know there r others out there who share the same lov 4 this simple treat!
    gonna try them soon!

  7. yes indeed.it brings out my childhood memories

  8. kandasamy dhanrajTue Feb 28, 09:09:00 AM

    thank u the picture itself made me feel i had one in my mouth

  9. Sounds like a real winner to me! I would love to try some.
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