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I know that artichoke and spinach dips are very popular in general. On Monday for the Football game I was thinking of making some but I re...

Artichoke & Roasted Peppers Cool Dip

I know that artichoke and spinach dips are very popular in general. On Monday for the Football game I was thinking of making some but I realized I did not have any spinach and the artichoke that I had were seasoned and soaked in oil. I changed the whole recipe and made a very quick version of cool dip with roasted peppers that I usually get from the farmers market. Artichokes were from Costco. The resulted dip was not spicy but it was just perfect with the chips we had. Also tasted great with the garlic bread I used for the soup. My entry to the dips event hosted Archana's Kitchen.


Cutting Board





Salt -(optional)


Artichoke(soaked in oil and seasoned)- 1/2 cup finely chopped

Roasted Peppers (skin removed) - 1/2 cup finely chopped

Sour Cream - 1/2 cup (low fat)

Cilantro- optional

Ranch dip mix- 1 packet


1. Add chopped artichoke, peppers, sour cream, ranch dip mix and pepper in a bowl.

2. Mix well and garnish with cilantro and serve with chips of any kind.


  1. Wonderful. Did you use the canned artichokes? The fresh ones are so difficult to prep & cut because of its woodsy leaves.

  2. Hi Divya, I did not use the canned one. I used the bottled one from Costco. They tasted great right out of the bottle as they were soaked in oil,vinegar,salt and some herbs.All I did was chop them up and mix. Very simple.

  3. The dip looks so inviting. Thanks for the yummy recipe.

    BTW, this morning I tried your instant patoli recipe, but when I microwaved the dal paste for 5 minutes, it became rock-hard and became so difficult to powder it. Did I do something wrong? I just followed your recipe as it is.

  4. I love the spinach artichoke dip you get in Italian restaurants, never tried any at home though. Will try out your recipe.

    I have that problem with the patoli too like Uma mentioned and so keep flipping it around every 1-2 minutes while microwaving it. A few minutes go a long way with them!

  5. Hi priya and uma,

    Thank you for trying out my recipes and getting back to me. It helped me add a note to my recipe.

    I see that you guys had a problem with the paruppu usilli. I think it is to do with each microwave, the heat levels etc. So maybe you could try 3 minutes and see if that works coz I had a few who tried and they say it worked for them.

  6. one more recipe to try. is that green peppers u used?

  7. Hi Sai,

    I used the peppers that I got from the farmers market that I made chile rellones(http://www.fewminutewonders.com/2008/09/10-minute-vegetrain-chile-rellenos.html) with. I guess you can grill/roast any green chilli, remove the skin chop and add. It all depends on the level of spice you can handle.

  8. I would probably slather a thick layer of that on my toast!

  9. This is a very good dip. Hotter than I thought it would be. I liked it!