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This morning, I met Farmer Steve(above) at the Poway Farmers Market (PFM). He had some fruits in his stall that no one else had. Juj...

Fresh Fig Chutney

This morning, I met Farmer Steve(above) at the Poway Farmers Market (PFM). He had some fruits in his stall that no one else had. Jujube, Sapote, Figs and Raw Banana to mention a few. I picked up some figs and farmer Steve was generous enough to add a few green figs to my basket. On the way home I thought I could make fig and honey ice cream as the fig were very sweet and ripe or a dessert but instead I tried a new chutney. I used roasted green and crushed red chillis, garlic and a few spices. My entry to Lore's Original Recipe event.


Cutting Board
Heavy Bottom Pan


Fig- 1 basket
Garlic- 1 clove
Roasted Chili- 2
Crushed peppers - 1 tsp
Brown Sugar- 2 tbsp
Cinnamon- 1 stick
Lime Juice- 1 half
Parsley- 1 tbsp


1. Cut all the fig add lime juice, chopped roasted chili, Cinnamon stick, cloves,brown sugar, salt,parsley and crushed peppers.

2. Heat the pan and cook this mix for 7 minutes.

3.Cool and store.


  1. v.v. interesting recipe...good post!!

  2. wow, fig chutney! so innovative. does it taste sweet?

  3. wow! never heard of this one. Worth trying.

  4. A very nice way of using figs other than the normal methods

  5. Uma, It was sweet because figs were sweet but I added the roasted chillies and it got a little spicy.It had a sweet and spicy taste in the end.

  6. I simply adore figs...your chutney looks great :-)

  7. If only I had known what to do with figs before! I missed a whole new culinary experience. Love the sweet and spicy thing.

  8. Never heard of fig chutney, but I have made chutney out of a lot of different fruits. They are always so versatile and really spice up a ho hum meal ... lol!


  9. thats an interesting recipe.. before this i didnt know what can i do with the figs.. everytime i went to grocery, i never used to look at them.. may be now i will :)

  10. This sure looks like a delicious way to use up those fresh figs! Although we only had dried figs available around here, this year our luck has changed :D
    Thanks for sharing your chutney with Original Recipes!

  11. This would have tasted super-delicious, I believe :) I love figs but haven't tasted the fresh fruit yet...only the dried ones. I will make this chutney when I get to buy these fresh figs.


  12. can the chutney be stored in an air tight container and left at room temp ? Looks yummy Thanks Dave

  13. Sorry, the chutney cannot be stored at room temp. Fig tends to go bad fast. So its best to store in the fridge for a week or two.