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On my recent visit to India my mother-in-law served me sathu maavu kangi or porridge for breakfast. It is a flour that is made out of whol...

How to make Protein Flour / Sathu Maavu ?

On my recent visit to India my mother-in-law served me sathu maavu kangi or porridge for breakfast. It is a flour that is made out of whole grains, dals and nuts. The perfect breakfast drink that keeps you nourished and filling. The sathu maavu or the protein powder was available in most of the stores in India. When I returned home, I wanted to continue to having it for breakfast but I could not find sathu maavu at the local Indian stores here. So I decided to make some at home. I called my mother-in-law and she gave me the recipe. Here is how  I prepared the sathu maavu.


Blender/Mixer/spice grinder
Mixing Spoon
Air Tight Container
Mixing Bowl
Sauce pan
Measuring cups


Whole wheat flour- 1/4th cup
Ragi flour/Millet flour- 1/4Th cup
Jowar Flour/White Corn Flour- 1/4th cup
Yellow Corn/Maize flour - 1/4th cup
Barley flour - 1/4th cup
Cashews  and Almonds  - 1/4th cup each or one nut 1/2 cup
Moong Dhal - 1 cup
Parboiled rice- 1/4th cup
Roasted Channa Dhal - 1/4th cup
Sago - 1/4th cup
Barley flour - 1/4th cup
Elachi- a few pods
Almonds - 1/4 cup optional


1. Dry roast each of the ingredients separately. Start with sago at a higher heat, then reduce the heat to roast dals, rice, almonds and elachi, Transfer it to a wide plate and allow to cool before grinding. While grinding make sure to equally distribute the almonds as they have fat and might make the flour clump together,

2. Roast the flours each separately because each flour will emit a different aroma when they are roasted and hence we can make sure raw smell will be absent in the sathu maavu.

3. When the step 1 ingredients are blended into a powder, add the flour from step 2  into the blender and give it a good mix for even distribution of ingredients.

4. Transfer into the wide plate and allow for the flour to reach room temperature and store in a bottle or air tight container.

5. Make sathu maavu kanji for breakfast everyday.



  1. Thats a really a wholesum treat! nice recipe and thanks for sharing

  2. very healthy indeed...thanks for the entry

  3. nice one. very healthy food.

  4. Kanji is not my favourite food, but have to say this one is unusual.

  5. a lot of these kind of south indian Tamil natural stuffs are yet to be rediscovered and celebrated... for a healthy simple life... I love this one specially ordered in rice flour mills with badam n nuts...

  6. iam a mom of 2years old boy baby.I use to give him this sathumavu kanji( only homemade) since from his 6th month.The only alternate about this recipie is dont use sugar,instead of sugar we can add palm jaggery(panamkarkandu)which is really tasty and make your dish more healthier because ragi flour makes,our body heat,so that to control that and avoid cold and cough we use this palm jaggery and it is a natural sweetner which makes no harm

    1. Hi priya did you use to sieve the powder ?if yes then u used muslin cloth or sieve?

  7. Where can I get sathu maavu/protein flour in the USA?

  8. where can I get sathu mavu/protein flour in the USA

  9. Anonymous,

    I am not sure if you can find the mix here. You can however make it here.

  10. Hi, I found it in Bharat bazaar in Dublin, CA.

  11. Very healthy treat!

    First time here, you have great recipes cooked in less time!

  12. How much protien is there in this powder, if i take 2tblspn of powder with 1glass of milk