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A very popular beverage in the world is coffee. Every country has its own methods of preparing and consuming it. Wherever you come from I ...

Nostalgic South Indian Coffee

A very popular beverage in the world is coffee. Every country has its own methods of preparing and consuming it. Wherever you come from I believe that its not about the drinking of coffee, its more about the experience or feeling and memories it brings with it. In South India especially Tamil Nadu where I come from, a normal morning scene is the smell of freshly brewed filter coffee reaching you from the kitchen mingled with freshly boiled milk, the sound of Kandha Sasti or Suprabadhum playing in the back ground,"The Hindu" newspaper and the noise from the busy world outside. Amidst all this you get to sip the perfect cup of coffee from a tumbler which makes the whole body wake up and its warmth spreads all over. Such an amazing and comforting experience isn't it?

Having left India, there is a constant pursuit to finding a coffee that tastes like home coffee. In such a hunt, to me the coffee my sister prepares is the best coffee. Its her secret ingredients of blending French roast with Colombian supremo beans in equal quantities and grinding them fresh in the coffee grinder to make excellent decoction. It brings an Indian flavor and right taste to it and is my entry to Click's Photo event for the month of July hosted by Jugalbandi.


Kettle/sauce pan
South Indian Coffee Filter
Davara ( wide mouth bowl)
Coffee Grinder


French Roast beans- 1/2 cup
Colombian Supremo beans - 1/2 cup

2% Milk - 2 cups
Sugar (as per your preference)


1. Add coffee beans in the blender and make it into powder.

2. In the mean time heat some water in the kettle or saucepan until it boils.

3. Add the powder in the filter and pat it with the back of a tea spoon to pack the c
offee powder.

4. Pour very little boiling water to wet the coffee powder first.

5. Then pour more water to the filters top

6. Allow it to drip and in 10 minutes the coffee will be ready.

7. In the meantime heat some milk in the saucepan on medium heat else use a milk cooker and boil the milk(Please use whole or 2% milk makes all the difference).

8. Take a tumbler add sugar followed by maybe 1/4Th cup of coffee followed by hot boiling milk.

9. Pour this hot liquid into the davara (wide mouthed bowl) and mix well by pouring it back into the tumbler. Do this a couple of times.

10. It would generate a froth like cappuccino. When a comfortable temperature is reached take a sip of this luxurious beverage and you are in cloud 9.


  1. Don't be too shocked but honestly I don't drink much coffee,I love its fragrance when I make this for others though :)

  2. Good looking coffee! I am sure it will taste as good as it looks. Let me try it