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My Amma used to make this as a vadai for prasadhum without onions and we used to love it. Its very simple, does not take in much oil, very...

5-10 Minutes Cream of Wheat/Rava Pakoda

My Amma used to make this as a vadai for prasadhum without onions and we used to love it. Its very simple, does not take in much oil, very tasty, a wonderful snack to have with tea or coffee. Make it when you have friends dropping in and you are out of snacks. Takes 10 minutes to prepare if you use curd and 5 minutes if you add sour cream. This is very delicious when you eat it hot or cold. The output is a very crunchy pakoda on the outside but chewy and soft on the inside. Can be eaten as such or with any chutney or sauce. This is an entry to Pakoda Event hosted by Rushina of A perfect bite for the month of July.

Kadai/vessel to deep fry
A spoon with holes to remove excess oil
Paper towel to remove excess oil


Rava/Cream of Wheat/ Sooji – 1 cup
Rice Four - 1 tsp
Curd/yogurt plain – 1 cup
Green chili's – 2
Ginger 1"
Asafoedita a few shakes
Curry leaves.
Coconut - 1 or 2 tbsp
Onion - 2 tbsp (optional)
Note: Replace curd with sour cream to make it immediately and the result is a crisp and crunchy pakoda in 5 minutes


1.Mix rava green chili's, asafoetida, grated ginger, salt minced cilantro, coconut, chopped curry leaves,onions and salt.
2. Add curd or yogurt to it and mix it.

3. Allow it to soak for 8 mins. (use sour cream and make it immediately)

4. Heat the oil and make pattis or just sprinkle like pakodas.

5. When it turns golden brown remove and serve it hot.


  1. Never heard of rava pakodas. I am sure going to try this. This will be a nice alternative to the usual besan based pakodas.

  2. Very nice and easy recipe....

  3. Never heard of rava pakodas.These look delicious and yummy :) Will definitely try these sometime,Thanks for sharing

  4. Very interesting! one thing I am going to try and fry sometime.:)

  5. Hi , First time on your site.. All the recipes are very nice and easy too.. Never heard of Rava Pakoda before.. Would try for sure.. But I have a question, does the rava need to be roasted or just the raw store bought rava in the packet can be used for the recipe?

  6. Hi Yojona,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments.You do not need to roast the rave.Its just the store bought rave or cream of wheat that you need to use.

  7. Made ur rasagullas for dessert and this pakoda for appetizer. It was perfect.. Crunchy outside and soft inside. All my friends were surprised that it was made from rava. Thank u for posting it. You recipes made my night. Made ur kurma, pakoda and rasagullas. Will keep trying new and post comments

  8. Thanks for this wonderful recipe!. It came out awesome n was ready in a few minutes !!

  9. I tried poha meduvada it ws fabulous...