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I was trying to make an orange cake for my sister's and Nephew's Birthday this week. I usually invite them for a birthday dinner an...

Moist Orange Cake from a box

I was trying to make an orange cake for my sister's and Nephew's Birthday this week. I usually invite them for a birthday dinner and cook them something that they enjoy.My sister loves orange based anything and so I made this cake with store bought yellow cake mix.I did a google search for orange cake and came across the watergate Orange Cake recipe.I altered it a bit to suit my needs. The end product was a extremely moist,tasty,delicious cake.Its so easy.They also have an icing but please I could not stand the taste because it was too sweet and it smelled of an artificial flavor so I chose to just make a zigzag with the chocolate sauce and make it look very elegant and since the cake was sweet enough no one missed the icing. Please try this one.Its delicious.


Mixing Bowl
Mixing blender or whisk
Measuring cups
Baking pans (whatever kind you have)
Parchment paper


Yellow cake mix(Duncan Hines) - 1
Mandarin Orange - 1 tin (11 oz)
Olive oil - 3/4th cup
Eggs- 2 organic whole and 2 whites alone.
Hershy's chocolate syrup - as much as you like.


1. In a mixing bowl mix oil, eggs and beat it well with the mixer or whisk.

2. When the oil and eggs are well blended and the color is pale yellow add the can of mandarin oranges with the liquid and blend well. The orange will disintegrate but thats okay.

3. Open the cake mix and put it in a bowl and with a whisk beat it well so as to mix the cake mix well and also to remove the clumps of dough sticking together and making it smooth to mix.

4. Mix the cake mix with the liquid mix and using the mixer beat on medium speed for 2 minutes.

5. Prepare your pan with by applying a little butter or oil and then place a parchment paper by cutting it into the shape of the baking pan.

6. Pour the dough into the pan and bake it in a preheated 350 degree F oven for the time specified in the back of your pan for the type of baking pan you use.

7. When you insert the tooth pick it should come clean after the time you have baked. Remove from oven and allow it to cool.

8. Using a blunt knife go around the sides of the pan and then you will be able to remove the cake.

9. This is very very moist cake so be careful when you remove it.

10. I used some Hershy's chocolate syrup and made some patterns on top of the cake.

11. Serve it with some hot milk, tea or coffee.

12. This is the best cake I have made with a store bought mix.