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Came upon a Dosa Mela at Cooking For All Seasons by Srivalli and I decided to send in my grandmother Babu Ma's Oats Dosai that my ...

15 Minutes Babu Ma's Oats Dosa

Came upon a Dosa Mela at Cooking For All Seasons by Srivalli and I decided to send in my grandmother Babu Ma's Oats Dosai that my father fondly remembers his mother preparing for him when he was a child.My father has been asking me to try it out for a few months and I decided to do just that and add it to my recipe collection. Since I have never seen my grandmother its my fathers recollection of the ingredients and I decided to play and experiment with it. If you are looking for crisp dosai, please add more rice flour or rava. 

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Dosa Making Tava
Dosa Spatula


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Oats (rolled or quick ) - 2 cup
Rice - 2 Tbsp
Buttermilk/Yogurt - enough to soak and cover the Oats.
Green Chillis - 2
Asafoetida- a few shakes
Jeera( optional)


1. Add the rice and oats into a bowl carefully seeing to it that all the husk if any is removed. To this add the buttermilk or yogurt which can be a little sour ( if you like the sour taste)  and allow it to soak for 20 minutes.

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2. When soaked pour it into a blender and grind well.

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3. Add salt, asafoetida, chopped green chillis,cilantro and a little water to get the dosa batter consistency.

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4. Heat the Dosa Tava and start making dosa.

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5. End result will be a delicious, nutritious dosa.

Note: This dosa will not be crisp. It will be a little soft and very tasty. Chopped Onions etc can be added too.


  1. Wonderful healthy and easy recipe. A must try one. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. It looks so yummy. I am planning on making it tonight...

    great job. Please come up with more simple recipes to help lazy people like me...

    Continue the good work.

  3. I tried this recipe last night. Everyone at home loved it. This is so easy to make. perfect for a lazy night when you dont want to cook.

  4. Fantastic recipe. My family gobbled them up.

    Foody guru, hope you keep posting healthy recipes.

    Thank you foodyguru.

  5. Hello Srimathi,
    I met your husband on the flight to India. He happened to mention about your website and your passion for cooking..I have become a big fan of you :)..especially your oats dosa..my husband hates oats..but he loves it when I make your oats dosa...i lov all your recipes and the way you have categorized them...every day when i return home from work, i make it a point to visit your website before I start the day's cooking :) Please continue your wonderful contributions...It inspires people like me who dont enjoy cooking :)

  6. Thanks Shuba,

    My husband did mention about you. Thank you so much for all those nice words and your encouragement.Will do my best at all time.

  7. wow this looks very yummy n healthy too,will surely try...

  8. the dosa was amazing... added some pepper, jeera like we do for godhumai dosa.. and some finely chopped capsicum... out of the world!!!

  9. This might be my dinner tonight. Nice recipe. Good to follow you.

  10. Hi,

    This Dosa looks too good.But when i tried it out,the dosa was very sticky inspite of cooking for long time and the colour and consistency also differed.Mine came out very dark and sticky.Why is it so?How can i make dosa like this??

  11. Hi,

    Thank you for trying out this recipe. If it was very dark I think it could be because of too much heat on the tava. Try reducing the heat and as for the sticky texture please add a little bit more of rice flour which might make it crisper. Sometimes when I buy different brands from the store the oats texture varies and also using whole oats verses quick oats might be something to take into consideration.

  12. hii thanx for the quick receipe bt i wanted 2 know wether the rice in the oats dosa is cooked rice or uncooked rice please tell me as soon as possible

  13. Hi thanks for the nice comments. The rice that I have used is raw rice, but you can also use rice flour.

  14. Hi Srimathi,

    I stumbled upon this site quite by accident earlier today. I am very glad to have found it, however. This particular item is my favorite because my mother makes it all the time although her version is different from yours.

    But this is a great blog / resource. I will be here almost every day :)