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5 Minutes Melon/Orange Salad

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Sunday, April 20, 2008 | 1:23 PM

It was one summer afternoon when I was at UTC Mall in San Diego, and we were trying to get something to eat from the food court. I went for some Mexican food and was walking out when I saw this colorful fruit salad in the French cafe and a lady was carrying it out ahead of me. I took a peek at her salad and saw watermelon and orange with some mint on it. The image of the dark pink and yellow with bits of green here and there stuck in my head and I tried to recreate the salad to my taste and served it on a skewer with Indian food. This salad was spicy, salty and sweet.My entry to

1. Fun N'Sun Event hosted by Simple Indian Food.

2. Click Citrus event hosted by Jugalbandhi. (The first photo goes to this event)


Cutting Board

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Watermelon - 3 cubes per person
Orange - 1/4 of an Orange
Cilantro - 1 tsp chopped
Sea Salt
Honey - a few drizzles
Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp

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1. Cut the watermelon into 2 inch cubes

2. Remove the Orange peal with the knife and then cut the orange into the size of the cube.

3. Take the skewers and alternate between watermelon cube and orange and ending with the watermelon.

4. Sprinkle sea salt, honey, chilli powder and cilantro.

5. Serve on the side with any kind of food.


  1. Beautiful colorful pictures Srimati. Love the recipe too. Gotta try. Bookmarked.

  2. Very colourful and different too..thanks for participating


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