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Growing up my passion had always been baking, but slowly I dev e loped an interest for cooking. It all began one fine winter of 1998 when I...

Cuddalore Kadala Kozhambu

Growing up my passion had always been baking, but slowly I developed an interest for cooking. It all began one fine winter of 1998 when I started to document the recipes of Mrs. Saraswathi Vishwanathan, affectionately known as "Mami" to me. She is a very caring, loving and gentle person, a talented veena artist, a mother, a grandmother and a passionate cook and reference guide to any traditional recipe. At the age of 76, she has a phenomenal memory, experiments with new recipes, is open to ideas and information and does not fail to appreciate another persons cooking. Her passion inspired me to cook, learn methods in traditional cooking, experiment with food and share recipes. Though she is my sister's mother-in-law, our relationship has grown many folds and I always enjoy conversations with her regarding people, her experiences, her childhood, food, movies, television, recipes and the world over a good cup of tea. She never fails to call me over when she prepares any delicious food or tries something new. Mami is a native of Cuddalore,Tamil Nadu, India and I would like to share her delicious kadala kolazmbu that is very popular to that area.


Pressure Cooker
Cutting Board


Peanuts (Raw)/ Kadalai- 1 cup
Brinjal/Egg Plant - 1 cup
Channa dhal - 1 tsp
Thoor Dhal - 1 tsp
Mustard Seeds - 1 tsp
Sambar powder - 3 tsp (add more for spicy taste)
Methi Seeds - 1/2 tsp
Asafoetida - a few shakes
Dry red chili - 1
Curry leaves - a few
Tamarind - size of a lemon
Water 4 cups
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tsp
Brown Sugar - 1/4 tsp


1. Soak peanuts in 2 cups of water over night and cook them with some salt in a pressure cooker ( 3 whistles. Drain and keep the aside)

2. Soak the tamarind in 2 cups of water.

3. Add 2 tsp of oil to the Wok and heat it up. Add asafoetida, mustard seeds and allow them to pop.

4. Add channa dhal, toor dhal, dry chili, methi seeds and allow for them to get to golden brown color.

5. Add chopped Eggplant/ Brinjal and Sambar powder and cook for 2 minutes

6. Add the tamarind water and salt and cook until the egg plant is half cooked.Then add the cooked peanuts allow it to cook until the brinjal/egg plant cooks. There should be sufficient gravy. Add brown sugar and curry leaves.

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7. Serve it hot with rice.


  1. wow! that is one favorite dish.

  2. This is one cool kadala kuzhambu.

  3. though i am from Cuddalore i do not know this variety exists. thanks a lot for introducing my town to readers.

  4. Are you the same Srimathi who is the daughter of Mr. Srinivasan, who used to live in the Agraharam?

    If so reply back to noblecause@yahoo.com