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The first time I tasted something like this was when Natalie, our friend came home for dinner and brought us some appetizer . I fell in love...

Cream Cheese Stuffed Cherry Tomato - A Finger Food

The first time I tasted something like this was when Natalie, our friend came home for dinner and brought us some appetizer. I fell in love with it and have made it a zillion times. I have modified the recipe a little and substituted different nuts in this and it still tastes amazing. All you need to is to find cherry tomato that are fresh. If you get the bigger one in that variety you can get more cream into and as we know the more the better. I know the holidays are around the corner and I wanted to post it so that you can all prepare this and enjoy with family and friends. My entry to WYF: Party Food hosted by Simple Indian Food.


Cutting Board


Tea spoon


Table Spoon

Paper Towel

Measuring Cup


Cherry Tomato - 15

Low fat Cream Cheese - 1/4 cup

Low fat Sour Cream - 2 tsp

Chives/ spring onions/Shallots - 2 tsp

Walnuts/ slivered almonds - chopped 2 tbsp

Pulp form the Tomatoes - 1 tbsp


1. Cut the top of the tomato and using a knife and back of a tsp remove the seeds and pulp from the tomato.

2. Place it face down on a paper towel and allow the juices to drain.

3. Mix the rest of the ingredients fill the holes of the tomato and cover with the piece of the top that was cut and serve. Can be kept in the fridge and served later too.


  1. wow! The tomatoes look really tasty. Good finger-food.

  2. very new and interesting!!!! looks delicious

  3. This is just fantastic...it must taste so awesome...am bookmarking it.

  4. Wow great idea,looks delicious :)

  5. Such a cute appetizer! And I admire your patience, I would never have enough of it to make something that requires chopping and stuffing cherry tomatoes

  6. Wow, thats an excellent idea..thanks for this interesting starter

  7. Cute! We need patience for this and we can make anyone to rise their eyebrows!

  8. this is a great recipe & also u can try filling sukhi moong dal washed one curried indian style & mash it & fill with pipe & top with few drops of dhaniya-pudina chatney, they tase good just like yours with cream cheese!! the dal one, u can fil & keep in fridge & before party just top with chatney & serve!! I nadmire your blog & keep up the good work!!