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Happy New Year !! Iniya Tamil Puthandu Naal Vaazhthukkal!!! Happy Vishu!!! Tamil new year celebrations in India was always fun....

Kadala Paruppu Payasam For Tamil New Year

Happy New Year !!
Iniya Tamil Puthandu Naal Vaazhthukkal!!!
Happy Vishu!!!

Tamil new year celebrations in India was always fun. The elai sApAddu was worth every effort we put into preparing the meal. Apart from the food the television shows were fun to watch after a heavy meal. Though I am away from India, I always feel nostalgic about the new years day. This year on request, I made kadala paruppu payasam and vadai. Had an awesome time preparing and enjoying it with my family. Here is the kadala paruppu payasam recipe we enjoyed today.


Pressure Cooker
Measuring Cups and Spoons
Stainless Steel Bowl
Heavy Bottom Pans


Channa Dal / Kadala Paruppu - 1/4 cup
Jaggery - 1 Cups
Water - 1/4 cup to melt the jaggery plus 1 cup hot water to soak the channa dal
Milk- 2 cups
Coconut Milk - 1 cup
Coconut Grated- 1 tbsp
Cardamom Pods - 6
Ghee - 2 tsp
Cashew Nuts - 10
Raisins - 1/4 cup
Saffron - a few strands


1. Wash the channa dal in water and soak it in hot water for 20 minutes.

2. Drain and pressure cook the channa dal along with the coconut milk on high to 1 whistle and then low to medium low unto 3 whistles.  (about 15 minutes)Note: By this time the channa dal must be cooked well and become soft. Press a channa dal between your fore finger and thumb. It must  easily disintegrate.

3. Dissolve the jaggery in water and strain it to remove the sediments.
4. Add milk cooked channa dal to the jaggery and cook it for 5 minutes.
5. Heat the seasoning wok with ghee, add cashew nuts, raisins and toast them and add to the payasam. Season with cardamon powder and saffron.


  1. Thanks Srimathi for the lovely wishes.Iniya puthandu vazhthukkal! I love kadalai paruppu payasam and especially the crunchy bits from channa dhal and cashews. Hope you had a lovely celebration today!

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  7. Happy New Year wishes Srimathi..Payasam looks absolutely stunning and inviting..

  8. I love this! Happy New year to you.

  9. Happy new year to you and family. Kadala parippu payasam looks delicious.

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