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Frozen Grapes : A Snack Under 70 Calories

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Saturday, April 28, 2012 | 9:46 AM

My friend Cari introduced me to this treat/snack a few years ago. Soon, I was hooked on it and felt super happy when I found that they were just 70 calories a cup. If you were not having a cup of them, but popping a few into your mouth, then each grape is about 3 calories. So do the math and get your instant sweet and frozen treat fix this summer. As my yoga teacher used to say, guilt free eating is the way to weight reduction. Seriously, by the time you have a few frozen grapes you feel so satisfied with the sweet in them. Apart from adults, it is a great treat for the kids because, they are excited to have something cold and you cannot beat this healthy frozen fruit treat. Serve them these healthy after school snacks anytime.


Ziploc container/ bag


A bowl of seedless grapes any kind ( please use the sweet ones, makes all the difference when cold)


1. Wash the grapes and wipe them dry. Toss them into a ziploc bag or container and store it in your freezer. After a few hours enjoy your treat.


  1. Wow, that's a superb idea, will try out..

  2. Excellent idea, feel like having some..

  3. We always keep the grapes in the refrigerator and like them cold. But never tried them frozen. Will have to check this out and luckily it is the season here.

  4. wow!!nice way to store grapes and enjoy them as a snack too..lovely and innovative!!

  5. Lovely and yummy

  6. nice way to enjoy grape! Thanks for sharing

  7. Ijust tried frozen grapes today... SOOOOO good and refreshing


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