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Chaat Sandwiches In 20 Minutes: My Take On Bombay Sandwiches

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Thursday, March 1, 2012 | 7:02 AM

Since I have stock of chaat chutneys in my fridge 24/7, I try to use them often. I often make chaat pizza posted here or love to create sandwiches. These type of sandwiches are very common street food in Bombay and sometime sold toasted with cheese in them. The sandwich that I have posted here is without cheese and is my take on the Bombay sandwich. This morning I made a few of these sandwiches for lunch and I enjoyed it a lot. It could be served easily with any kind of bread for a party as an appetizer. Next time you have some left over chutneys try this one for a midnight snack on weekends. Believe me you will have them more than often. My entry to EP Series :Herbs & Spices ,Cilantro and Cumin hosted by Erivum Puliym and to Lets Cook Speedy Snacks Event Hosted by Simply Food


Cutting Board

Bread Slices - 2
Mint Chutney, Sweet Chutney - 1 tbsp or more as per need
Thinly Sliced Boiled Potatoes - 8 ( Boiled Potatoes takes 15 Minutes)
Onion -  less than 1/2 a slice
Tomato - 4 slices
Cucumber - 4 Slices
Chaat Powder - a few pinches 
Sev - 1 tbsp


1. Toast the bread and spread the sauces on both the slices.

2. Place 4 boiled potato slices, sprinkle with chaat powder. Then place the onions, tomatoes and cucumber slices. Top again with 4 potato slices, sprinkle with sev and cover with with the bread slice.

3. Cut diagonally and enjoy your Chaat version in bread.


  1. I am hungry and would love to have the chaat sandwich.

  2. These look delicious, inviting you to send them to Lets cook speedy snacks event@

  3. nice... will try this recipe and comment...

  4. Such refreshing sandwiches, looks superb..

  5. Very delicious sandwich!!

    Please link your entries to EP Series-Cilantro & Cumin Event
    Inviting Hosts for EP Series-Herbs & Spices

  6. nice recipe!....delicious sandwich.

  7. Yummy sandwiches,looks so inviting.

  8. I love bread in any shape, size or dish. And this looks amazing

  9. Oh my god !!!!!!!!!! what an awesome recipe. Made this for dinner. My husband and my daughter ate it happily...

    Now for the taste... it tastes a lot like batata vada and the sev in between really adds a special texture... The garlic sauce adds the extra heat. overall an easy recipe to make after a long day at work. Dinner took all of 20 min once the chutneys and veggies were ready.

    Thank you for a great recipe and please continue the good work.

  10. Thank you for trying out my recipes and posting your comments.

  11. Thanks for linking this awesome recipe for let's cook speedy snacks pls can you link it with the event announcement as it is mandatory.

  12. Oh my god !!!!!!!!!! what an awesome recipe. Made this for dinner. My husband ate it happily and wants it for lunch too. Did not have the set, never the less it was just awesome and light for dinner....

    Keep up the great job and post wonderful recipes !


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