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Along with the winter holidays comes over eating, unhealthy eating, change in the weather which leads up to flu like symptoms. Personally,...

Amma's Home Made Cough Syrup

Along with the winter holidays comes over eating, unhealthy eating, change in the weather which leads up to flu like symptoms. Personally, common cold is fine but if it becomes worse and develops into a cough then it gets really uncomfortable. I have posted here a recipe to prevent catching a cold, but this one that I am posting is when you are into it full swing and have a cough along with congestion. My mother made this for us (almost reminds me of the ad for gripe water) and now I make it for my nieces nephews and my daughter. I am currently having it myself because all the swift changes in weather has affected me too. Please do give it a try if you need to get some relief from cough. After reading this post most of you might wonder as to where you can find some of these Indian ingredients. You can find them in Asian or Indian stores.


Sauce pan
Measuring Spoon and Cups


Tulasi/ Holy Basil - 10 leaves ( thanks to my back door neighbour who grows them in huge bushes and for sharing some with me this afternoon)
Omavalli leaves/ Spanish thyme/ Mexican Thyme or mint/ Hung Chanh - 7 leaves or Omam/Ajwan Seeds - 1 tsp
Water - 1  cups
Honey - 2 tbsp ( can add more for additional sweetness)


1. Wash the leaves well. Boil the water and add the ingredients and allow to simmer for 5 minutes.

2. Grind the leaves and seeds into a fine paste.

3. Strain and have 1 tbsp three times a day with the required amount of honey.


  1. really an usefull post,thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Sure homemade is best, thanks for sharing

  3. Good homemade cough syrup, a timely post, thanks for sharing

  4. Wat a best home remedy for cough, unfortunately few things are kinda hard for me to get..

  5. my mom also makes a similar sort of syrup.. we call it ukali

  6. That sounds handy in right time, got to look spanish thyme here!

  7. Wow, that sounds wonderful !!!

  8. That is such an easy one and very effective too :)

  9. I have had dry cough for almost three months now I got some releif from chewing basil leaves but will surely book mark and try this cough mixture.I just ave to source the rest of the ingredients.

  10. big thanks to u for sharing this home remedy:)

  11. First time here and loved your blog . This remedy for cough is very effective and i have been using it last week for my husband. The basil pics look great . What is omavalli leaves ? Is it the fleshy heart shaped leaves with a strong ajwain smell ?? I make pakode with the leaves if it is the same n never used in this syrup ( i use the ajwain seeds as you have done here )...

  12. Hi Sangeeta,

    I am glad it helped your husband. It surely helped me a lot. I have not blogged in a week because I was also recovering. Yes it is that leaf that is kind of thick and is spicy. If you can find it please use that one. It is very effective.

  13. are you getting better now? Pei Pa Koa (www.geocities.jp/ninjiom_hong_kong/index_e.htm ) is one of the few Chinese natural cough remedies that have been scientifically studied. it's something like herb plus honey, and it's sweet, thick and black in color. If you have a cough, look for it! It used to be one of my favourite natural cough remedies.

    if your cough persists, seek professional help such as traditional Chinese medicine physicians - I have had very good experiences with them.

  14. I will recommend this herbal and natural cough medicine. Nature has a lot of cure on its components and this is one way to harness it.

  15. I've been using herbal medicines for years now. It's been known for many people that herbal medicines are effective and side-effects free. Ginger and honey are among the best products that may heal sore throat and flu. I actually consider them as one of the best flu remedies.