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With winter comes snow and cold or cough. Due to over indulgence during the holidays and lack of exercise makes most people fall sick. Acc...

Few Minute Remidies For Cold or Cough Using Cumin/ Ajwain

With winter comes snow and cold or cough. Due to over indulgence during the holidays and lack of exercise makes most people fall sick. According to Pujashree Madhioli Saraswathi, also known as Sri Akka  recommended that we have Jeera (Cumin)/ Ajwain(omam) water on a regular basis to keep our body temperature in sync with the changing seasons. My family and I have been doing just that and it always helps a lot especially when one initially catches a cold or have a terrible cough, sour throat. In fact, it helped me get over my cold faster without expanding into a flu or cough. Either by diluting the concentrated portion with warm water and drinking through the day or by adding honey to the concentrate and having 3 tbsp morning and evening it helps the cold to disappear faster. I give it to my daughter every day when the seasons change to keep her from catching a cold.


Sauce pan
Measuring cups and spoons


Water - 1 cup
Cumin seeds - 3 tbsp
Omam/ajwain - 1 tsp
Basil / Tulasi - 4 leaves(optional)
Honey - 6 tsp


1. Boil water and add cumin seeds, ajwain seeds and boil for 5 minutes on low heat.

2. After 5 minutes remove from heat and add basil or tulasi leaves to it and allow to soak up.

3. Filter the liquid and add honey to it and have 3 tbsp of the liquid. The excess can be stored in the fridge and warmed.

4. For those who can handle without honey you can keep adding this to a warm cup of water and keep drinking them.

Note: This is however an home remedy and can be tried but is not the only way to heal your cold or cough.


  1. Good kashayam recipe! very nice. thanks!

  2. Sounds like a good remedy. Will bookmark it for when cold strikes next.

  3. we make Kaadha in almost similar way,it is indeed a good remedy for fighting cold.I wanted to blog about it when i made it,but somehow it was too diluted and the pic. refused to come out neat.Its still lying in my drafts.U have captured it so nicely:-)

  4. home made Kashaya alwaya works wonders. thanks for the recipe

  5. Great Kashayam receipe. My son has severe cold will try it for him. Pls do post all your articles in


    It is a tamil social bookmarking site. Thank you once again

  6. Great tip. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love these home remedies that are easy to make and safe to use. I will share this to whom may need this one.

  8. In treating cough and colds, one of my home remedies and flu remedies is honey. Honey is known for its mucolytic effect. It softens dry cough. It is good to know that honey can also treat these kinds of infections aside from its cleansing properties.

  9. Keep on worκing, gгeat job!

    Αlso ѵisit my blоg; tens unit

  10. What you mention works perhaps by mainly taking care of the digestive system (I have been using omam (Ajwain) seeds along with Fenugreek (50, 50 by weight and grounded well), perhaps a half teaspoon after any meal or strong coffee. All my acid reflex, GERD, digestive problems are gone). I also use raw ginger juice (extract like a gallon from a Lb of raw ginger roots) a lot by adding it to all juices (and dry ginger powder to coffee) I drink (1 part ginger liquid to 3 part fruit juice). It spikes up the juice as well as kept me in excellent health for the last four years with no cough or cold even though I have entered the age where they advice annual flu shots etc. (and I don't get any!).

  11. Please help as which honey is gud to use for kids with cold or cough

  12. Can i give this to my 8 yo kid?

  13. My 3years old son,6 months old son and 6 years old daughter are always having dry cough with no other symptoms.there isnt even one cough free day..they take allergy medicines when it gets worse bt not get complete relief...kindly suggest something to get out of this stubborn cough

  14. I love these home remedies that are easy to make and safe to use.

    Sindhi khaana