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Its strange that for a couple of months I have been cooking food, especially sweets that I am very intimidated in preparing. After some ti...

Wheat Halwa / Godumai Halwa

Its strange that for a couple of months I have been cooking food, especially sweets that I am very intimidated in preparing. After some time I had stopped thinking about the out come and just did it. To my surprise some turn out so perfect the first attempt, while some I had to work at it. One such experience is godhumai halwa. I am no pro in these traditional sweets like my aunt, but I was ready to learn some important techniques that go unnoticed in many recipes. South Indian sweets are challenging for me. I am so happy that I am getting over the challenges of making ladoo, jangri or halwa. Here is what I was able to come up with. 


Measuring cups and spoons
Heavy Bottom Vessel
Colander ( with the fine mesh)
Candy Thermometer
Small Kadai


Chamba Wheat - 2 cups ( made 2 cups of the wheat milk)
Sugar - 2 cups ( I would have liked  1 1/2 cups it was too sweet for me)
Ghee - 4 tbsp
Cashew Nuts / Almonds - 1/4 cup
Kesari Powder - 1/8th tsp
Cardamon - 6 pods
Saffron - a pinch


1. Soak the whole wheat in water over 24 hrs. Helps grind easily. Add it into a blender and grind it into a smooth paste. Do not add too much water so the you can get thicker extracts.

2, Filter the mixture and put the remaining residue back into the blender and try to get more liquid out of it by adding some more water. Blend and pass it through the filter. You will see the remaining gluten in the residue.

3. Set the wheat milk aside and allow the water to separate from the wheat milk. Filter that water out and use the remaining wheat milk for making the sweet.

4. In a heavy bottom pan add the sugar and water just enough to cover the sugar. Allow it to melt and drop the candy thermometer inside. Cook the sugar until the temperature reached a soft ball consistency.

5. Turn the heat on medium. Add the wheat milk to it and keep mixing to avoid lumps from forming. As soon as the mixture comes together add some ghee and keep mixing. Add  kesari powder, cardamon powder and saffron. Keep adding ghee when the halwa starts to stick to the sides. Keep adding ghee in tsps. It will absorb a lot more.

5. Heat a 1 tbsp of ghee in a small kadai and add the nuts. Toast them and add to the halwa.

6. When the halwa leaves the sides remove and serve it hot.

Note: A good way to serve this is in a bowl add a tiny bit of ghee and then add the hot halwa and top it with another drop of ghee. It appears that you are serving with a lot of ghee but its just a few drops.


  1. Such a rich and creamy dessert, I luv this

  2. Looks pretty easy and pretty yummy as well. Congrats on cracking itin first try!

  3. Lovely color and good texture for this wheat halwa.

  4. Hi Sri,

    Diwali vaalthugal to you!!:)The halwa looks so yumm..:)



  5. hi,
    wonderful snaps. May be should dare to make it sometime though I've just had this sweet meat from sweet shops till now. Thanks for the pat.
    Happy diwali to you and ur loved ones!

  6. Very tempting halwa, I wish I could have that spoon of halwa in my mouth.

  7. thats really looking awesome.. i love the colour.. very stark and inviting!

  8. This is similar to Haalu Baayi in kannada. Only difference is that dessert is cut into pieces like a barfi. Looks so good. If someone serves this, I probably will polish off the entire bowl.

  9. Halwa looks so delicious!!

  10. Thats a droolworthy halwa, am drooling over the second click..very tempting..

  11. hi,

    halwa looks like halwa:) perfect droolworthy halwa. so inviting n colorful, srimathi:)

  12. mouthwatering halwa!

  13. Such a perfect halwa, halwa should be always scooped not sliced! Great sweet, Happy Diwali!

  14. Happy Diwali Sri,Best Wishes to you,Wheat halwa looks superb...