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Guavas are one of the most nostalgic fruits for me. It brings back memories of the times I used to climb the guava tree in our back yard a...

Spicy Guava Salsa In 5 Minutes

Guavas are one of the most nostalgic fruits for me. It brings back memories of the times I used to climb the guava tree in our back yard and enjoyed some delicious guavas. In the U.S. we do find them on and off in the Indian stores. Guavas that we used to have in our back yard had a pink pulp on the interior. This variety is kind of hard to find in the U.S. But, yesterday I got a huge bag full of the pink variety of guavas from one of the grand fathers at school.One can classify him as a typical quiet dadaji/thatha types, who never failed to pick his grandson from school. I have been seeing him for the last year or so waiting patiently for the school gates to open. Every time I saw him I always acknowledged his presence and said hello. To that  he would just smile and nod his head shyly. Yesterday at school he called out to me and gave me a bag of the most delicious guava's I have ever tasted in the U.S. It was ripe and was perfect for making salsa.


Cutting Board
Measuring Cups and Spoons


Guava's - 2 cups chopped
Chilli Powder - 1/4th tsp ( increase for more spice)
Lime Juice- 1/2 lime
Cilantro - 2 tsp chopped
Honey - 1 tsp


1. Cut the guava into chunky cubes. ( If it is ripe do not cut them into small pieces it will get mushy).
2. Mix lime juice and honey together.Mix the salt and chilli powder together.
3. Add the chilli powder salt mixture to the lime juice mixture and add the guavas and toss gently.
4. Toss in some cilantro and serve on the side as a salad, with chips or relish ( heard that it tastes great on fish).


  1. yummy salsa.. i love guava.. with red chilli powder adn salt mixed and dip the guava in it and relish. yours looks so delicious. tangy, sweet and spicy..

  2. I knw guava is such a healthy fruit and good for diabetes patient too...Salsa looks very colorful

  3. Quick and delicious.. looks beautiful.. thanks for sharing dear !!

  4. Hey,

    That looks amzing..love it...Visit me when time permits...:)



  5. My Daughter love this pink guava,Amazing recipe srimathi...Luks very colourful.

  6. Sounds mouthwatering,I love this fruit,i have it with chaat masala,this sounds great too,will try nextime!

  7. Guava does bring back good memories.. most of the evenings it used to be my after school snack. I would be sitting on the tree picking up the guavas and eating it there... nice recipe... good job

  8. Fantastic salsa, that too with my fav fruit..yumm!

  9. beautiful...the color too...that would be yummy with pita chips!

  10. I love guava in any form..this one looks delicious..nice idea!

    US Masala

  11. Yum! That salsa looks beautiful...sounds tasty...and is so quick. How perfect.

  12. Guava salva looks absolutely gorgeous:) There is an award waiting for you in my blog:)

  13. i have never heard of a guava salsa. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

  14. Yum!! Beautiful looking guava!!

  15. Guava salsa looks yummy and refreshing,its one of my fav fruit.

  16. OMG !! the red pink flesh of the gauvas looks very tempting. We get both varieties (red n white)herein Canada. I need to make this soon.