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Two week ago at Henry's Market Place they were selling different types of oranges. One section of the store looked orange and was s...

Fresh Pink Orange Juice and Creation Of MFF Event

Two week ago at Henry's Market Place they were selling different types of oranges. One section of the store looked orange and was so beautiful. I was soon drawn to the bins and I was amazed to see so many varieties of oranges there.Navel,Valencia,Tangerine,Cuties or Clementines(kamala orange), Satsuma's (a.k.a loose jacket in India), Blood or Red and Cara Cara or pink oranges were heaped up in bins. All of them were California grown and had their own characteristics. Oranges are available through out the year that, when one variety goes out of season another is in season and thus we are endowed with a bounty of this vitamin C rich fruit.

Navel Oranges are commonly available in most stores. They are seedless, sweet, peel into segments easily and perfect for eating. The perfect time to buy them are from November through May.

Valencia Oranges are good for juices and they may contain some seeds. They are thin skinned and sweet are in season from Febuary to October.

Tangerine Oranges are commonly used in desserts, salads and main dishes. They are easy to peel and can be eaten easily. They have a sour taste. They are in season from November to April.

Cuties or Clementines are very small in size with a glossy skin and are seedless. They can be easily peeled and are available from November to January. They are referred to as seedless tangerines.

Sutsuma's (loose jacket) belong to the tangerine family. The fruit is sweet and seedless. They are largely grown in Japan.

Blood Oranges are very beautiful to look at, they have a red to dark maroon interior due to the pigment anthocyanin. This makes the fruit rich in antioxidants. They have some seeds and are very sweet. They are great in salads, juice or roasted. They are in season between January - April.

Cara Cara Oranges are a navel orange look alike but they have a pink exterior. They are very sweet and have a cranberry tangy taste to them. They are grown in California and are great additions to any cocktails, salad dressings and juices. In season between January - April.

The oranges were so tempting and I had to buy some Naval, Tangerines, Cuties and Cara Cara oranges from Henry's. We enjoyed Cuties and Tangerines as healthy snack on Saturday afternoon and made juice out of Naval and Cara Cara oranges for breakfast on Sunday. The color of the two juices very so vibrant that I had to take a click of them to share with you all. I closed my eyes and tried to taste the two juices. I felt I liked the pink orange juice a tiny bit more than the naval orange juice. If you come across red or pink oranges at your local stores please do pick them up and enjoy them. Pink or Cara Cara Oranges are My Food Finds for the week.

This gave me an idea to invite all bloggers and non bloggers to share with the rest of us some new fruit, vegetable, some store bought product that you find interesting, which you think makes life easy for you in the kitchen. Please create some thing out of your food find and blog. For example, sometimes we can find sauces that help in reducing the cooking time, powders that create magic flavor to the dish or some fruit or vegetable that goes unnoticed. I would encourage all to take a look at all those great things out there and share it with the rest of us who are not aware of it. Today marks the birth of My Food Finds Event. I hope this event helps everyone and make a difference to your cooking styles.

The rules are as follows:

1. When you find a special item(that is not a main stream product) for example:spices, products,fruits, veggies, nuts etc mention the product, its manufacture, where it is available
(stores, country, states etc), why the product is useful in your everyday food creation, pictures of the product if you have and post. Apart from food please do send in any appliances, gadgets, small tools, anything that aids the chef in you.

2. This is an on going event as we will always find something new in the market. I will however, post a round up every month.

3. Please mention MFF: The Month that you are blogging (e.g:March) in your post and link to this page.

Email me at foody.guru@gmail.com with MFF: The Name of Month in the subject along with the following info:
Your Name:
Your Blog Name:
Your Blog URL:
Your Food Find:
Recipe With Food Find:
URL of Recipe:
Picture of Recipe and Ingredient:


Orange Juice Maker

Ingredients: For 2 cups of pink and 2 cups of navel oranges

Cara Cara/ Pink Orange - 4
Navel Orange - 4


1. Cut all the oranges in half (around the middle) and using the juicer make the juice and serve it fresh.


If you buy cuties, tangerines taste very sour allow it to sit on your kitchen counter for 2 to 3 weeks. The same can be done to any orange that you want to juice. It will taste sweeter so don't through them away.


  1. Healthy and delicious drink...

  2. Looks thirst quenching,I really need some now :)

  3. The event sounds good. I will surely participate. I am thirsty for this juice now. Looks delicious.

  4. Absolutely delicious I always prefer home made fresh juices.

  5. Cara cara oranges are one of my favorites ! Orange juice looks refreshing and nice theme for your event ! Happy hosting, will try and come up with something for it !

  6. Cutties are my fav!! Event sounds great !! will try sending my entry !!

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  8. The orange juic looks so refreshing and bright.Congratulations on your new event.It sure is going to help us and educate us.Will surely look for unique things and participate.


  9. Just droped in to say a friendly hi....:) Very nice theme for the event....should the featured food item be something that is useful in everday cooking? or can it just something which I loved as a child or a delicacy from the region where I come from? Please do visit my blog :)

  10. I wont call this a food find .. its rather my appliance find. I bought a new cordless Kettle from costco. Little did I realize that it would make my life so easy. My microwave usaage has gone down by 80 %.I now use the kettle to make my tea/oats/hot water to cook my dhal/rice and just about anything that needs hot water.

  11. Hi Srimathi, Beautiful blog and mouthwatering easy recipes :)

  12. Wow,lovely event Srimati. Saw it just now.I am always on the lookout for new ingredients to experiment with.Will try to send in something if this event is still on :)