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Orange Candied Peel

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 | 6:27 PM

A few weeks ago my sister gave me a bag of home grown oranges from her backyard. It has been sitting on my counter for weeks now and so I decided to make some orange juice with it. That afternoon I saw something interesting in a magazine. Cooking Light had a recipe to prepare candied orange peel. It was so easy to make candied peels with oranges or lemons. I made optimum use of the fruit by making candied orange peel and orange juice. The orange peel is wonderful to use as a garnish or as an ingredient in desserts. On this Earth Day I thought it would be appropriate to post something that is used to the best way possible. The remains of the orange after extracting the juice was put into the sink disposal to clean and to help remove bad odor and create freshness.


Heavy Bottom pan
Cookie sheet
Parchment paper
Cutting Board


Oranges - 2
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Water - 2 tbsp


1. Using a Peeler peel only the zest of the orange carefully and cut into think strips.

2. Heat 1/4 cup of sugar and water and allow the sugar to dissolve completely.

3. Add the orange zest to the sugar liquid and allow it to cook for a few minutes.

4. Pass this mixture through a sieve and drain the zest.

Note: Do not throw the syrup away. Please wait for my next post to see what I created with it.

5. Spread the candied zest on to a parchment paper taking care to see that each zest is separated and allowed to air dry for some time ( took me over night to dry them, it all depends on the weather).

6. Toss the dried zests with 1/4 cup of sugar and store in air tight container and use it for desserts.


  1. I love candied peels, specially the chocolate coated variety. Your version seems easy to do, it's inspiring me to make my own

  2. lovely post... very helpful! :)

  3. This looks mouthwatering! Thanks for shring!

  4. WOw your version is simply superb...looks yum!

  5. Hi Shrimathi,
    very useful post thanks for the methodical picture recipe.

  6. ooops, I should have saved them peels! And like Simran mentioned, chocolate coated ones are the yummiest :D I occasionally squeeze them lightly and rub them against the skin on my face. very refreshing, but bad if it gets into the eyes :D

  7. I always think it is compliacted the candied peel, looks perfect!

  8. never tried these b4. love orange flavored candies i think i'll like these too.

    love the cilantro paneer too. two good things together :)

  9. Hi Srimathi, Thanks for the nice comment on One page cookbooks. The step by step pictures with which you lovingly illustrate many of your recipes are something I wish I could do too !

    /Do keep blogging !

  10. Thank you all for the comments. Its not mine to own but I thought it was something I thought was worth sharing.

  11. Yum, and very simple too! I'm surely going to make this the next time I have leftover orange peel.

  12. Delicious blog. I'm a follower now.

    Duchess xx


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