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Looks like summer is fast approaching. The days are getting very hot and all I want is to keep myself hydrated and away from spending to...

Dulce De Leche Milk With Cardamom

Looks like summer is fast approaching. The days are getting very hot and all I want is to keep myself hydrated and away from spending too much time in the blistering heat. A few days ago, I accidentally picked up a can of dulce de leche instead of the condensed milk and in a hurry opened it. So, now I had to use it up. Enjoying a can of dulce de leche as is would be a great option, but I decided to experiment with it. I wanted something cold to drink one afternoon and out of that, dulce de leche milk was born. You can either microwave or use the stove top to prepare this drink. Kind of reminded me of enjoying the flavored Aavin milk on my visits to Chennai. Adding nuts or saffron can totally change the taste of the drink. For now, I want to post the drink with cardamom.


Sauce Pan
Measuring Cup and Spoon


Milk - 1 cup ( 100 - 160 calories)
Dulce De Leche - 1 tbsp ( 60 calories)
Cardamom - 1 pod powdered


1. Heat the milk in the sauce pan. Allow it to come to a boil. Add dulce de leche and mix until they  dissolve in the milk. Add cardamom powder. Cool and store in the fridge, chill and then drink it. It makes all the difference. Whole milk tastes very rich, 1% - 2% milk tastes awesome, nonfat makes it a little guilt free. 

Microwave Method:

If you are like me and want to have a cold drink instantly, microwave can you very useful. I tried it 2 days ago and it was great for instant fix. 


1. Take 1/4 cup of milk and 1 tbsp of duclce de leche. Mix and place in the microwave for 30 seconds. Remove and milk well. Place it back in the microwave if you see some dulce de leche in the milk. Cook it for 20 seconds. At this point it must have melted. Please note each microwave varies and so you need to have the dulce de leche dissolved in milk. 

2. Mix this to the cold milk. Add cardamom power. Note: If you want it colder, adding a few cubes of ice helps.


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