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If you get a chance to buy red currants at the local store or market, please do not pass on them. In my visit to Wuppertal, Germany I c...

Red Currants Chutney

If you get a chance to buy red currants at the local store or market, please do not pass on them. In my visit to Wuppertal, Germany I could not walk past this ruby like berries, that were red and transparent. They looked so gorgeous in the day light and I decided to buy a basket of them from the farmers market. Our friends warned us that the red currants were sour and a good way to have them was to toss them in sugar. I was very excited to taste them. It has  a thin skin, but juicy middle, with sesame like seed in each currant that was kind of nutty. True to the nature of the currants, they were sour and I had to wink every time I popped one into my mouth. With a whole basket to go through, I decided to make something different with it. I had access to a tiny kitchen with pots and pans and this was what I prepared. It has the sweet, salt, sourness and spice thing going on in the chutney and I liked it a lot. Perfect with some yogurt, roasted nut and corn flakes if you want them to be served fancy or with some yogurt rice, the best.


Storage Bottles.


Red Currants - 1 basket ( 500 gms)
Water - Enough to soak the berries
Sugar - 1 cup
Chili Powder - 1 1/2 tsp


1. Rinse the red currants, remove the stem and throw them into a pot with water. They will cook fast with each currant popping and creating a sauce.

2. At this stage, if you have colander please pass the sauce through it and remove the seeds from them.
( Most people might find it irritating especially, if it gets stuck to teeth. I did not because, I did not have one for use at the kitchen.

3. Add the filtered sauce back into the pot, add sugar, chilli powder and salt. Allow it to cook, until they start to thicken.

4. Close the pot with a lid and allow it to cook on low for a few minutes to allow the chilli powder to cook and for the sauce to thicken.

5. Check to see if you like the taste and then add salt, sugar and chilli powder. Cool and store in a bottle and place it in the fridge.


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