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Kumkumapoo Pal/ Saffron Milk: Warm Milk Infused With Saffron

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Saturday, August 4, 2012 | 8:11 AM

Last week was Varalakshmi Viradham, a celebration of goddess Lakshmi. As a child, I used to be so excited to watch my Amma decorate the face of the Amman ( Lakshmi) and draped her in the half saree. On the day of the pooja, modhakum, payasam, vadai etc were prepared which we enjoyed. But, what I always looked forward to was the warm saffron milk or kumkumapoo pal that Amma made. It was prepared as prasadham the next day in the evening after the goddess it kept in a rice basket. Amma used to add a bunch of ingredients to make the saffron milk. It is very comforting and this is what I prepared.


Milk Cooker or a Heavy Bottom Pot
Motar and
Measuring cups and spoons


Milk - 4 cups
Saffron - a few strands
Ginger - 2 inches in big pieces lightly mashed
Cardamom - 4 pods
Edible Camphor - a tiny pinch
Sugar- 6 tsp ( adjust sugar as per taste)


1. Heat the milk and allow it to come to a boil while mixing if using a pot. Add sugar, saffron, powdered caradamom, camphor, ginger and allow it to boil on low heat for a few minutes to infuse the spices.  Remove the ginger pieces. Serve it hot.


  1. How interesting! Milk infused with saffron sounds wonderful!

  2. very yummy milk.. The vessel is so cute.. where did u get it?

  3. I too perform varalakshmi vratham, and i start neivedyam with milk. saffron milk is a nice idea. will try next year!

  4. nice neivediyam of milk with saffron for the Godess.

  5. i never knew about this..and I oh so love the addition of ginger , cardamom and camphor...

  6. so simple and very good saffron milk..

  7. Very flavorful, I like the sombu (container)..

  8. Saffron infused milk looks perfect.

  9. I love to have this anytime... Flavorful one


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