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When I visited the Schloss Burg castle  near Wuppertal, Germany, I was at a souvenir store and instead of looking at the regular stuff,...

Curly Roasted Potatoes : Using The Potato Spiral

When I visited the Schloss Burg castle near Wuppertal, Germany, I was at a souvenir store and instead of looking at the regular stuff, I was checking out all the little tools they had. The curly potato maker caught my eye. It came in a box that was as small as an sandal wood incense box. The tool resembled a knitting needle with some attachments at the end. The potato curler was too simple to look at and I was skeptical about buying it initially. But, I am glad I bought it and I am really happy with the end product. I love the texture the curls create in the potato. I did not think that it needed frying. The potatoes were gone as soon as I served them with ketchup and mascapone cheese. An awesome gadget find, most welcome in my kitchen.

Product Info: www.triangle.tools.de


Frying pan or Kadai with Lid
Measuring spoon
Potato curler
Kitchen Towel


Medium Size Potatoes - 10
Olive Oil - 1/4 cup
Chili Powder - 1 tsp (or as per taste)
Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp
Chives - For garnishing
Water - half a bowl
Chives - for garnish


1. Wash the potatoes. Lengthwise insert the curler needle into the potato and start turning the needle. At some point the potato will get cut by the sharp round blade that creates the uniform curls. Keep spinning the potato until the needle pokes through the other side and the curls have all been cut through. It will resemble a spring or slinky.

2. Place the curly potato into a bowl of water, until all the 10 potatoes are curled. Then drain off the water and wipe them in a kitchen towel.

3. Heat the the kadai or pan. Add oil, the spices and salt, add the potatoes and give it a toss, allowing for the oil and spices to coat the curls.

4. Cover and cook, but keep stirring every few minutes to uniformly roast the potato.

5. When the potatoes are roasted, add in the chives as garnish and serve with sour cream or mascapone cheese or ketchup.


  1. Wow! I've got to invest into a potato curler! Amazing!

  2. perfect looking curly potatoes


  3. wow thats beautiful post,love the cute curly potatoes...

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  5. They look so cute, not to mention tasty!

  6. tempting potatoes with an awesome presentation.

  7. You have chosen some uniformly shaped potatoes too to get such even swirls. Great gadget and a nice creation.

  8. I need to find this potato curls Looks perfect.

  9. Interesting and I'm sure tasty but your recipe would be much better if you came up with a way of using up all the wastage of potatoes created!!! :)

  10. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for reminding me to add the info on left over potatoes. I just chopped them up into small pieces and roasted them in the left over oil that the curly potatoes cooked in. They tasted just as good.

  11. wow, they look cute. never know abt this. will try here..

  12. thats and awesome tool.. your roasted potatoes looks amazing

  13. Hi Srimathim
    Does marcapone cheese contain vegtable rennet?

  14. Two questions for you.

    Yeast what kind is used in Baking bread

    Animal rennet free chees- any suggestions

  15. What an absolutely cool device to make curly potatoes - the dish looks amazingly delicious - cheers, priya

  16. Hi Sara Ram,

    No there is no rennet in it. Its like cream cheese. Please shop in trader joes, they have a lot of cheese without rennet. Costco also has some.They use vegetable enzyme.

    Yeast, I use the packet of yeast i buy from costco.

  17. Yummuy curlings...Wonderful presentation...

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  25. That has come out so perfect !! Did you buy this Spiral needle only for this purpose ?? Where can we get it from ?

    First timer on your blog though.. glad to follow you :)

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