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Yes! I know it is bananas that is used in the preparation. No! Please don't say YUK! IOOOOOOOOOO! THuu! Makes me want to throw up! beca...

Banana Thair Pachadi/ Banana Raita

Yes! I know it is bananas that is used in the preparation. No! Please don't say YUK! IOOOOOOOOOO! THuu! Makes me want to throw up! because that is what most  people expressed when I mentioned that I was going to make this pachadi. But, let me tell you it was very tasty that it almost surprised me a little. It was so delicious that it was gone before I could help myself to some pacahdi. A very simple recipe that I adopted from Swami Dhayanandha's Ashram recipe book. The trick is you have to use a banana that is neither ripe or raw. The kind of banana that is lightly green in the top(please refer to the photo below). So all of you who are thinking Naa - AaH please give it a try.


Cutting Board
Measuring Spoons
Seasoning wok


Banana ( a little raw a little ripe) - 1
Yogurt or Store bough butter milk - 1 cup
Sour Cream - 1/4 cup
Coconut - 1 tbsp
Green chilli - 1 chopped without seed
Red dry chilli - 1
Mustard Seeds - 1/2 tsp
Curry Leaves - 4 leaves
Asafotida - a few shakes
Oil - 1 tsp


1. In a bowl whisk together butter milk, sour cream, coconut, salt and green chilli.
2. Cut the banana into big cubes and add it to the buttermilk mix.
3. In a seasoning wok add oil, asafotida, mustard seeds, allow it to pop and add red chilli. Add it to the banana mix.
4. Serve with some hot rice or roti.


  1. looks delicious..very simple recipe..within 5 minutes thats good.
    i used to prepare the pachadi with riped plantain banana.(kerala style)
    this one is new to me..thanks for sharing

  2. Simple recipe with an awesome taste.I usually eat Yogurt rice(Thayir Saatham) with mashed banana. This sweet and spice taste is something that I am going to give a try. I also like the fruit salad with the icecream in your profile picture. I can truly live on fruits alone with craving for anything else for quite sometime.

  3. This is a nice idea.............must try

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  5. Banana in yoghurt is known one. Banana as thayir pachadi is awesome idea... will try it out for sure. Sure it tastes gr8.

  6. Cool and lovely recipe for hot summer. Sounds yummy! I'm going to delight my hubby Banana curd pachchadi for today's lunch.

  7. Never tried raitha with banana's,very innovative...

  8. Banana pachadi sounds interesting and new to me....
    Must give a try :-)
    Thx. for sharing...

  9. wonderful idea..should try making this sometime..

  10. Woww never heard about this pachadi, thanks for sharing...am damn sure that we will definitely love it..

  11. Banana pachadi looks awesome!

  12. Definitely a wild imagination :) And it shuld be tasty too :)

  13. Banana in raita is such a creative and unique idea! Looks delicious, looking forward to trying this... and soon :-)

  14. Dear Srimathi
    Thanks 4 dropping in !!
    First time 2 ur Wonderful space ..Loved the collection with the timings perfectly listed...Nice Work...Keep going !!
    Adding u 2 my blogroll !!

  15. First time here.Interesting recipes.Banana pachdi looks great.My mom used to make this sometimes as side dish for rotis.

  16. வாழைபழ பச்சடி பாக்கர்துக்கே நன்னா இருக்கு, போட்டோவும் நன்னா க்ளியரா இருக்கு!

  17. Bookmarked right away, I have never heard if it. They look awesome !!

  18. My MIL makes this a lot. I like your recipe. I have to try it once.