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I had intended on posting this one yesterday before the Super Bowl, but with all the excitement I had to do it today. It was so crazy...

Cream Of Wheat Crunchy/ Rava Kunukku For The Super Bowl 2013

I had intended on posting this one yesterday before the Super Bowl, but with all the excitement I had to do it today. It was so crazy with my daughter making her banner for the game, me frying away bite size food that resembled a football and mixing up a bunch of dips to go with it. Supporting the 49'ers, we was going nuts watching the game. Until the half time, it was a totally different story, but in the second half we were going through a roller coaster of emotions. Watching the game with a room full of die hard 49'er fans was worth something. The yelling, screaming, sighs and drama were all happening. God bless our neighbors, they tolerated all that noise. In spite of a hard fought game, the ref's did not do their job in being fair to the 49'ers. They did not get the obvious calls and it was a heart breaker in the end. Well, coming back to the recipe, here is the football shaped snack I prepared for the Super Bowl.


Measuring Cups and Bowls
Frying Pan
Paper Towel
Cutting Board


Cream of wheat or Coarse Rava - 2 cups
Freshly Crushed Pepper - 2  1/2 tsp ( add more for more spice)
Asafoetida Powder - 2 pinches
Ginger - 2 inches grated
Curry Leaves - a few 
Cilantro - 2 tbsp finely chopped
Yogurt/ Sour Cream/ Water - 1/2 cup
Extra Water - 2 tbsp to 4 tbsp ( depending on the dough texture)


1. Add all the dry ingredients first into a bowl, followed by ginger, curry leaves and cilantro. Mix well to evenly distribute the herbs and spices. 

2. Add yogurt and make a dough, add water to make a dough that is easy to work with.

3. Make mini football shaped dough and deep fry them in oil a little over medium. When they turn golden brown, remove and drain them in a colander lined with a paper towel. 

4. Serve them hot or cold with a sour cream dip of your kind. 


  1. crispy and yummy interesting rava kunuku.

  2. Sorry for your 49ers heartbreaking loss, but they played really great after the blackout.
    Love this rava kunkku.

  3. Very nice , perfect shape of football party

  4. Looks so crunchy and yummy..

  5. Interesting recipe. I usually make Kunuku with left over adai batter.Looks very delicious and as you said ideal for super bowl:-)