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Salted peanuts are awesome as a snack. In India, the peanuts are roasted in sand and sold as street snack. It will be warm rolled in n...

Salted Peanuts/ Salted Kadalai: Make Them In Under 5 Minutes

Salted peanuts are awesome as a snack. In India, the peanuts are roasted in sand and sold as street snack. It will be warm rolled in news paper and taste absolutely delicious. My sister's friend gave her an awesome recipe to create the same effect and I am elated that I could enjoy salted peanuts here. Super easy, took me two and a half minutes to make it and I had to wait for one long minute to cool down to taste one peanut. Here is the recipe for all those who love to have salted peanuts like me. Perfect to parcel them off for picnics, games, for an afternoon snack, for a movie night, with drinks and over a great conversations. 


Microwave safe plate
Measuring Cup


Raw Peanuts with skin - 1 cup
Water - enough to wash the peanuts
Salt - a few pinches


It all depends on the power of your microwave. Mine was done in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If not sure go in 1 minute increments.

1. Wash a cup of peanuts in water. Drain out the water. Add a few pinches of salt and microwave for one minute, give it a mix and microwave it for another minute.After that please microwave in 1 minute increments. 

2. Important, do not go past 3 minutes, it will get over toasted. Because,sometimes when they are very hot they will not taste roasted, but after it cools down it will be perfect. 


  1. isnt it so cool...this is my favorite snack!

  2. Awesome, my all time favorite snack to munch on.

  3. Just love this salted peanuts, my fav..

  4. This a favourite [ass time eat away:)
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  5. Love salted peanuts. Will definitely give this a try. Just noticed that the recipe takes less than 3 minutes but you have mentioned 10 minute increments. Looks like a typo.

  6. Hi Meera, Thank you, it was 1 minute a big type-o indeed. Thank you all for the nice comments. Please let me know how this turns out if you try it.

  7. so easy n yummy snack, will buy peanuts this time :)

  8. I tried this now Sri... totally loved it.. cant believe this can be done in less than 3 mins..
    Just wanted to share how i made it.. for 1/2 cup of peanuts, in a 900W MW.. i first kept for a minute.. mixed and repeated for 30s increments.. done in less than 2 mins..
    Thank you for sharing!!

  9. Excellent!! That's my favourite snack!! I always keep a stash in my pantry!!

  10. Lovely recipe


  11. I love this too.. Great that you posted.

  12. Delicious and easy snack, love to try them.