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I generally do not buy a lot of frozen food, but I do stock on patra. Patra is popular side dish from Gujarat, made with the leaf of ta...

Patra Sandwich In Under 10 Minutes

I generally do not buy a lot of frozen food, but I do stock on patra. Patra is popular side dish from Gujarat, made with the leaf of taro root rolled with besan flour and spices. These rolled logs  are steamed, then sliced into discs and seasoned. I have not tried making them so I enjoy deep brand's frozen patra. They are perfect for a late night snack on weekends. A month ago, I had to make lunch, but was not in the mood to cook. I suggest sandwiches and everyone agreed. I was out of veggie patties but found a packet of patra in my freezer. As they say, "necessity is the mother of invention", I used patra to make the sandwiches. It was such a hit and now I make it often. The coconut seasoning along with the sweet salt and spicy taste from the warm patra along with fresh veggies is  a big winner for me.


Cutting Board


Bread - 2 slices or 1 roll sandwich bread
Patra - I box of deep patra
Tomato - 1 thinly sliced
Onion - a few slices
Ranch Dressing any kind or Sweet and Mint Chutney - 1 tbsp


1. Toast the bread, heat up the patra in a microwave safe bowl.

2. Place the patra on the bread, add the dressing or the chutneys. Top it with tomatoes and onions. cover with another bread slice and serve them warm with a smoothie or cool drink in summer and chai in winter.


  1. Can't wait to try this interesting dish

  2. Wow... new invention.. it sounds and looks lovely..:)I never ever dreamed of using Patra leaves in a sandwich
    Awesome recipe dear..:)) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow wat a brilliant idea of using patras for making sandwich,well done Srimathi..

  4. That is a really neat idea!!! never thought to do that before - thanks for sharing - will remember to try next time!

  5. I love patra, nice idea making sandwiches with it..

  6. That is so original... will try it. Sandwich looks good enough to eat

  7. so interesting and yummy looking sandwich. bookmarked

  8. This would be so good to sink our teeth in and looks so non messy too.

  9. That is so creative, I mean I have had patra as a snack, but to turn that into sandwich, awesome !!!

  10. Beautiful clicks n yummy dish....

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  11. Brilliant! And the sandwich. It looks just great.

  12. nice idea! i too love patra n never thought to eat this way, great!!
    beautiful clicks dear!!
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  13. Neat ! A great lunchbox recipe :)Patra is such a popular snack,no wonder these sandwiches became a hit in your family

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  15. Great appetizing and delightful sandwich !! lovely one !!

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  16. Looks interesting and delicious.. thanks for sharing !!
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