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The latest in Costco bread isle is the multi grain tortillas. I was really not too thrilled to buy them but I looked at the ingredients i...

Multi Grain Quesadilla Filled With Chutney

The latest in Costco bread isle is the multi grain tortillas. I was really not too thrilled to buy them but I looked at the ingredients in regular flour tortillas and I reverted back to the multi grain one. What surprised me was that I kind of ended up liking it a lot more than I expected. You would not miss the flour tortilla once you have tasted it. It does not get tough when cooked and tastes great. It is my entry to My Food Finds Event for the month of May.
Generally quesadillas are filled with cheese or some veggies, but this is what I make when I have some left over chutneys. It is a perfect midnight snack while watching a movie or television, a quick midday meal when you have no breathing space and need  to eat something within minutes or an after school snack for kids. I know most of you are thinking what coconut chutney and cheese on tortilla, believe me it tastes very good and the chutney flavors with a cilantro garnish makes it yum especially when it is hot. It was what I had  for lunch this afternoon. 

Tava or griddle
Cutting Board

Multi-grain tortilla -2
Coconut chutney - a few tbsp
Mozzarella cheese - to your requirement ( I used this cheese because that was what was available in my fridge)
Cilantro - a few leaves for garnish

1. Evenly cook the two  tortillas on both sides.
2. Spread the cheese and allow the cheese to melt on one tortilla.
3. Spread the coconut chutney on the other.
4. Cover the cheese tortilla on top of the chutney and cut into wedges, garnish with cilantro and eat them hot.


  1. very nice clicks ,luks tempting...

  2. Next time I go to costco I will look for this one. Snack looks great!

  3. Looks sinful,bet it would have tasted great!!

  4. what a delicious quesadilla ..very simple recipe..and its so helathy too because of the multigrain tortillas.next shopping sure will find this mutigarin tortilla.

  5. lovely the idea of using chutney and cheese..looks so tempting...

  6. I shop @ costco too... these looks awesome... will try these out!

  7. Looks healthy and very tempting :-)
    Nice clicks!!!!

  8. Wow wat a delicious quesadillas, truly tempting..

  9. Ohh these look great... love the photographs

  10. Srimathi, lovely clicks and a nice wholesome preparation.

  11. Delicous dish,Cant call it a snack, almost a meal. Loved the clicks.

  12. Very nice - quick and easy for a snack!!

  13. Lovely fusion dish, looks delicious !

  14. Beautiful presentation.. Healthy sanck

  15. They look so yum. I probably won't eat it since I have given up on cheese. But a lovely one to try for others for sure.
    To answer your question about the starter, King Arthur flour sells them. I grew mine at home. All you need to do is mix equal amounts of water and bread flour (You can use part Rye for better results) by weight and add some yeast (about 1 tsp for 1 cup of water ratio) and let it sit. Feed it every day for the first week and then store in refrigerator and feed it once a week. Feeding is remove a certain amount of starter, add that much of flour water mixture. That's all. Let it double in volume and then put it back in the refrigerator. King Arthur Flour has a detailed article on starting a starter. Wild starter is the one without yeast added to it. I added yeast since when I started this it was so cold here, there was no chance for it to ferment without added help. Hope this helps.

  16. I loved the use of coconut chutney...and don't these pics make me drool? my my...

  17. First time here. You have an awesome blog. yummy and easy snack.

  18. Nice recp edear..will surely try this sometime...

  19. Hey Shrimati,
    I have used a modified version with Pav Bhaji, Spicy spinach masala curry, tomato and onion stir fry mix, etc as a stuffing for Quesadillas.