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Pista Katli In 15 Minutes

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Thursday, October 22, 2009 | 7:32 AM

Happy Deepavali! Inspired by Lavi's cashew katli recipe I decided to prepare for Deepavali but, I let the cashew katli sit on the stove a little longer and hence lost the play dough consistency. Not very happy with my end result I decided to give it a try again. This time I used her recipe as the base and substituted pistachios for cashews.I have to mention that though I powdered the pistachios well they were not fine enough to give a smooth katli. But, I really liked the course texture that I ended up tasting in the katli. It was such a breeze to make this katli because I remembered to have my prepared tray ready before I started making the katli.


Wok or heavy bottom vessel
Greased tray
Food processor or Mixier


Pistachios - 1 cup ( powdered)
Saffron - a pinch
Cardamon- 2
Camphor- a tiny bit
Ghee - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Water - 4 to 5 tbsp or enough to cover the sugar


1. Blend together nuts, saffron, cardamon, camphor into a powder.

2. Heat the wok with sugar and water and allow the sugar to melt.

3. Keep dipping the spatula in the sugar and drop the liquid sugar syrup on the plate and tilt it to see if it flows. Keep doing this until you see the drop is stagnant.

4. Stir in the nut mixture well and remove the vessel from heat and pour into the prepared tray. Spread it out uniform with the back of a flat bottom bowl and cut into diamonds.

Note: Once I added the nut mixture it was like a play dough and it was easy to spread it out. So I think your mixture should resemble a dough.


  1. Good idea of using pista and making katli,looks good :)

  2. wowowow, looks mouthwatering..never tried this..have bookmarked it..

  3. love the variation from cashewnuts! Good work.

  4. hmm yummy.Something different than the regular kaju katlis.

  5. Pista Katli, tempts me to try. Try kaju katli next time srimathi, just keep stirring for 4-5 minutes in slow flame. hope it will work.

  6. Looks soo tempting, luv those katlis!


  7. Wow, thats an innovative idea, pista katli looks yumm, making one crave for it:)

  8. I have never attempted pista katli before - looks great!


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