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Roti Kesari Poli

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Monday, June 2, 2008 | 10:56 AM

Poli is a yummy thing but very tedious to prepare. I just enjoy them hot off the stove with a dab of ghee any time. It was one of those days when I was talking to my sister about poli and mentioned that I have lots of kesari leftover and chapathi dough too from dinner in the fridge and I could make bholi out of it. Wonder what makes it so tasty. I think its because the chapathi atta has some salt in it and the smell of whole wheat is very aromatic to me and all this combined with sweet kesari the whole combo worked well. This Poli could be healthy because of the whole wheat in it. Thank god for that else you may have to run out of the kitchen to stop yourself from over indulging. Something I could not do for sure. This is my entry to the Roti mela hosted by Srivalli of Cooking 4 all Seasons and to Sweet Series:Puran Poli & sweet chapathis/rotis at Mythreyee's Paajaka for the month of June.


Rolling pin
Cutting board
Griddle /Tava


Kesari - 1/2 cup ( without nuts or raisins)

Chapathi Atta - 4 balls

Ghee - 3 tsps

Wheat Flour for making poli


1. Roll out the chapathi dough as usual into a round. Make 2 of them and keep one aside.

2. Take some kesari and spread it out in the middle leaving the edges clean.

3. Cover this with another chapathi and fold over the edges to seal well.

4. Roll it out once more to expand it and then heat the tava and cook the poli on both sides adding little ghee in the end.

5. Serve it hot with a dab of ghee. Yumm...


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