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Vegetable Soup For A Rainy Day

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | 9:01 PM

I woke up this morning to a light drizzle followed by heavy rain. I immediately made up my mind to make a pot of soup for dinner along with freshly baked bread. To most people rain is not a good weather condition, but for my daughter and me we celebrate it. She loves to drink hot chocolate while I love my chai. Sometimes, I love to bake or make warm food that nourished our soul. Inspired by a soup recipe in the local news paper, I decided to add some of the spices mentioned there to prepare my soup. Plenty of veggies, garbanzo beans and warming spices, I think I have found a soup that I would make often for supper to lunch.


Cutting Board
Stock Pot / Pan


Leeks / Onions - 1 cup sliced
Carrots - 1 cut into small cubes
Celery - 4 stocks chopped
Potato - 3 Skin pealed and cut into chunks
Beans - 12 cut into 1 inch pieces
Bell Pepper - 1 cut into chunks
Butternut Squash - 2 cup pureed ( or soup)
Dried Dill - 1 tsp
Tomato - 1 big 
Coriander Powder - 1/2 tsp
All Spice Powder - a pinch
Garlic Powder - 1 tsp ( or more as per taste)
Pepper - as per taste
Garbanzo Beans - 1 can
Olive Oil - 2 tbsp
Water - 2 cups


1. Heat the pan with the olive oil. Add leeks and cook until they are soft. 

2. Add celery, carrots and give it a toss and cook it for 5 minutes. 

3. Add butternut squash puree and cook for 5 minutes along with water.

4. Add the rest of the veggies (other than the tomatoes) along with salt, pepper, turmeric, coriander, garlic  and all spice powder. Cover and cook for 5 minutes or until the veggies are done.

5. Add the tomatoes and garbanzo beans give it a stir and allow for it to cook for few minutes. 

6. Taste the soup to check for salt. Serve it hot with some toasted bread.


  1. yummy and filling soup

  2. perfect soup for enjoying rain :)

  3. That bowl looks super inviting and healthy..

  4. Here the climate is too chilled, even i had a bowl of soup for my dinner, this soup will keep me warm too.

  5. The soup looks so inviting. All the veggies in the delicious broth.

  6. I love this hearty soup. Yumm.


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