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Whole Wheat Vegetarian Lavash Wraps

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Thursday, September 27, 2012 | 10:54 AM

Living out of India, kids growing up in this country want to eat other kinds of food apart from the regular Indian food that we prepare at home. To bring a balance and keep everybody happy, I decided to alternate between Indian and non- Indian food. This makes everyone happy and allows me to experiment in making different kinds of food. So, last night was the non- Indian night and  I made lavash veggie wrap  for dinner. It had a combination of cooked veggies, fresh veggies and bean salad. This made it a healthy wrap which was a complete meal in itself and it tasted great.  The partly warm wrap created an interesting feel and texture. This one is going to be a regular in my house for sure.


Cutting Board
Vegetable Chopper
Iron skillet
Frying pan
Measuring Cup and Spoon


Makes 6 wraps

Avocado - 2 ( made into a chunky mix)
Romaine Lettuce - 1bunch shredded
Onion - 2
Red Bell Pepper - 2
Black Pepper Powder - as per taste
Cilantro - 1/2 cup chopped
Bean Salad - 1 cup
Jalapeno - 1/4 cup
whole Wheat Lavash - 6


1. Heat the pan with some oil. Add in the chopped onions, bell pepper, salt and pepper. Cook the vegetables for a few minutes, until they look well done.

2. Lightly warm the lavash bread. Place it on the plate.

3. Add the tablespoon of the avocado in the center of the lavash and spread it.

4. Top it with shredded lettuce, bean salad, cooked veggies and more lettuce.

5. Roll the lavash bread to resemble a burrito and serve them warm along with some salsa or sour cream.


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