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I am yet to meet a person who can pass on garlic sticks. Its sometime difficult to find or make garlic bread when we need it. This is my g...

Garlic Bread Sticks In 5 Minutes

I am yet to meet a person who can pass on garlic sticks. Its sometime difficult to find or make garlic bread when we need it. This is my go to garlic bread that I usually make for an after school snack, to serve with soup, movie snack or when unexpected guests arrive. Its a huge hit among the kids and it disappears fast from the plate. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare these  garlic bread sticks. Next time when you have an instant craving for garlic bread sticks you can give this one a try.


Measuring spoon


Bread Slices -4
Ghee - 1 tsp or Butter - 1 tbsp
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 tbsp
Garlic Powder - a few shakes
Italian Seasoning - a few shakes (optional) or Crushed Peppers
Cheese ( optional , I add it some time )


1. Add the ghee/ butter into a bowl along with the oil. Microwave it until the ghee/ butter melts.

2. Pastry Brush or Spoon the melted oil, ghee/ butter mix over the toasted bread.

3. Sprinkle the garlic powder evenly over the bread. If you want extra spice you can add spicy Italian seasoning or crushed peppers over the garlic powder.

4. Cut the bread slice into sticks or strips  and serve hot. 


  1. lovely garlic bread sticks....looks yumm

  2. Delicious snack under 5 minutes.

  3. Wow sounds and looks so tempting

  4. lovely tempting garlic bread sticks.thanks for sharing.
    indu srinivasan

  5. Wonderfully easy recipe dear..:) Awesome party entertainer..:)
    Good one dear..:)

  6. Doesn't microwaving the bread make it chewy? Nice simple way to make garlic bread, but am worried about the texture. Will try it anyway. Nice blog. First time here.

  7. Hi Radha,
    The bread is not microwaved,its the butter and or ghee and or oil is microwaved.

  8. Oops. I missed that in my 'quick reading'. I did try it a little differently. I have a sandwich toaster ( the stove top one)- I applied the butter-spice-oil mix on the bread slice and toasted it. It was delicious. Plan to make it again this weekend.

  9. wow this looks so simple and great ! thank you for sharing..iam sure the kids would love it !

  10. Hi, Can we use garlic instead of garlic powder? If yes, then how can I use it to bring the flavour? Please advise.

  11. Oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!! this really works and it doesnt even take 5 minutes. My daughter came back from school starving and I suddenly remembered this recipe. I gave her a plate in less than 2 munutes and she was surprised. It tasted so awesome...

    Thank you for this quick and easy and tasty recipe

  12. Hi Deepa,

    If you cannot find the powder you can use fresh garlic. Just mince the garlic with some salt and then add some olive oil and microwave or cook it on stove top for a few minutes and then spread this on the bread. You can skip the butter and oil and apply this instead on the bread and serve.

  13. Fantastic! Tried them recently with a tomato soup recipe and they were absolutely divine. Forwarded your recipe to all my family - they were inhaling it during Christmas Eve dinner! Good thing is that it only took 5 minutes, so I wasn't in the kitchen the whole time. I also made these with baguette and challah bread - turned out very well with the challah, very rich, especially with such an eggy bread, and it browned up wonderfully.