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5 Minute Pappad Appetizer thats good for you.

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Saturday, September 8, 2007 | 9:42 PM

I love trying out appetizers and this one is great. Usually served at Indian restaurants all over the world and one of my favorites. I just tried to modify them to meet the oil free or the low fat snacks that most people are looking for. I know that deep frying the pappad is delicious or even spraying a little bit of the non stick spray on the pappad would be a good substitute to frying, I think this snack is still delicious and healthy and does not compromise on the flavor part.


Microwave oven
Cutting board or the chopper that you can find for $20 at or Its called Vidalia Chop Wizard. A blessing for those who hate to chop or who mess up when chopping.


Lijat Pappad ( Any kind that you might enjoy, spicy, non spicy etc)
Red Onion
Green Chillies ( can substitute with chilli powder or paprika)
Chat Masala (Note: Talking of masala I just happened to pick out Ethnic food masala brand the other day from out Indian store and I think it is very nice and kind of different from the usual ones that you can find out there)


1.Place the pappad on a plate and microwave it for a minute.(If you feel that the pappad needs more toasting please add 15 second increments and toast them again in the microwave so that you do not burn the pappad)

2.While the pappad is in the microwave, chop tomatoes )after removing the seeds from them),onion,(can be made without it too) cucumber, green chillis and cilantro.

3.As soon as the pappad is out of the microwave take a little bit of the veggies add salt and sprinkle the veggies all over the pappad and add chat masala a pinch or 2 over them and serve.
(Note:Do not add salt before else the veggies would start to shed water and the pappad might get soggy)


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