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A Yum Blog ??? Whose?Mine? WOW!!!

Written By FewMinute Wonders on Friday, May 23, 2008 | 10:44 AM

The morning was wonderful, even the traffic was great that I could breeze through to my destination in a jiffy. Felt like life was smooth and easy for me all of a sudden. I turned on my computer and checked the mail . Then as usual visited Mythreyee's Paajaka and saw that she was given the YUM BLOG AWARD.

Yummy blog award is the award given to the blog with most yummy recipes/photos”

I was very happy for her and I continued to read her post. It came to the part where she had picked blogs to pass on the award to. Skimming through the sites I continued to read the rest, where she talks about the rules for these yummy blog award. I went back and clicked on her picks without paying much attention to their names or blog. I kept clicking one after the other being preoccupied with things around me and my site showed up. I thought I opened my page by mistake and went back to Paajaka and there I saw my blog mentioned. It slowly dawned on me that Mythreyee has picked my blog for the award. I heard Illiyaraja music playing in the back ground"thum tha na num tha na" and felt so mighty pleased and happy for myself and I gave myself a big smile . I felt like a child who got a lolly pop when least expected. I am so grateful for the award that she has given me. My first in the blogging world. Thank you so much.

Now coming to the part where I need to talk about the yummy deserts that I have tasted and prepared, I like to mention a few that I love to taste at any given time and never get bored.

1. Rasgulla, Rasgulla, more Rasgulla...yes I am so crazy about that Bengali sweet that I can go through 20 or more in one shot.

2. Black Forest Cake that I made for my nephew's birthday party. It was something I enjoyed baking.

3. Pineapple Cake because I love pineapple anything.

4. Dulce de Leche Cake which I fell in love with once I tasted it.

5. Dry Fruit Cake which I can eat guilt free because I added no sugar to it.

6. Apart from the recipes I have posted I love Ahdirsum, sabudhana payasum and Kesari.

Rules for the ‘Yummy Blog’ award Receiver:

The person who receives the award should display the “Yummy Blog !” logo on their blog and also the meaning of the award which is “
Yummy blog award is the award given to the blog with most yummy recipes/photos”.

The receiver should also quote their favorite yummy-licious dessert(s) that they have ever prepared/eaten and pass on this award to at least 4 blogs which the receiver considers yummy.

As per the rules of the award its now my pleasure to pick the next 4 blogs that I like to pass on the award to. I find the following blogs very interesting and like to thank them for sharing recipes through their blog.

1. A spoonful of Sugar Angela's blog.

2. Monsoon Spice Sai's Blog

3. A Mad Tea Party Anita's Blog

4. Pig In The Kitchen

5. As Dear As Salt Richa's Blog


  1. Thanks for mentioning me! :D

  2. oooo bless you! Thanks very much. I will do my best to get it up and running on my blog, i'm a bit rubbish at it!
    Congrats very much on your yummy blog as well.

  3. Thank You so much for the award, really appreciate you thinking of me for this one :)
    You have a nice blog going here & who can say no to the 10 min wonders ;)

  4. thank u for thinking of me. really appreciate it.

  5. Thank-you for the award! I just posted about it :)

    Hope you continue to enjoy my blog!

  6. Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.


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